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Glass Lid Casserole

Mumma's life Glass Lid Casserole


  1. A stunning combination of product design and sheer elegance.
  2. The outer body is made from 100% food grade material, BPA Free.
  3. The inner bowls are made from top quality stainless steel which keeps food fresh and odour free.
  4. The super PU insulation keeps contents hot and fresh or longer duration.
  5. Available in exciting colours to choose from.

Size - 2500 | 3500 | 4500

Mumma’s Glass Lid Casserole is ideal for a wonderful dinner with family or friends. The mouthwatering treats are hinted at by the glass lid, creating a wonderful dining experience. A fantastic casserole that can be taken straight from the stove to the dinner table, making it perfect for regularly cooking a variety of meals. We promise handles that are resilient to heat, long-lasting, and soft to the touch on both sides for improved grip.

This casserole with a glass lid is made of thick-gauge aluminium that has been coated with multiple nonstick layers. Its improved appearance is due to the scattering of various colours over that. It has a stunning fusion of pure elegance and product design. The outer body is made entirely of BPA-free, food-grade materials. Because they are made of premium stainless steel, the inner bowls keep food fresh and odor-free. For a longer period of time, the super PU insulation keeps the contents hot and fresh.

The Mumma Life Glass Lid Casserole works well with all types of heaters, including induction, gas, and electric. The heat-resistant glass lids keep moisture and flavour in the food while allowing you to check its progress without interfering with the temperature or cooking time. The stainless steel casserole is also simple to clean thanks to its easy-release nonstick interior and exterior.

Our stainless steel casserole with glass lid will continue to be the centre of attention at dinner parties thanks to its gleam of stainless steel, vibrant colour, and clever technology that can keep every meal warm and fresh. The adaptable glass lid casserole is great to complement the decor of the dining area and serve in style whether you’re hosting a formal dinner for business associates, a buffet for a small gathering, a house party, or a daily meal affair at home.

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